Past Work

InvaZion - working title

InvaZion Image

The Gods are mad, and back to punish humanities sins.This is my current and most ambitious project. It is a 3rd person, wave based zombie survival game. I hope it will be a fun arcade style game with lots of fun easter eggs to keep people playing. The full design document is available here.

Blast Off

Blast Off Image

Blast Off is a Ludum Dare Jam game I made alone in 72 hours. The theme for the jam was "running out of space" so I decided to make a game focused on a shrinking planet, the objective is to build the spaceship and escape the planet before it gets too small. I think the game is fun, and the concept was challenging to develop due to the spherical movement. It is available to play here.

Caravan Carnage Club

Caravan Carnage Club Image

Cause carnage at your local caravan club! The best home is one stolen from an old couple on a caravan site, it's the British way! Caravan Carnage Club is a game made by the Northumbria University Game Development Society in 48 hours for the Global Game Jam.
Special thanks to Gavin Wood and John Rooksby for hosting the jam site, it was a super fun weekend. Get the game here.

Battle Circles

Battle Circles Image

Battle Circles is a solo project I'm making. The game was the first exposure I had to Unity's Networking system. Each player that connects gets their own circle, these are controlled by the controller that is open on their phone. Then it's just a first to 5 points of who can survive the longest. The game is not currently released but I plan to continue development on it later (due to network limitations I can't work on it while at University). However, the network controller's work correctly at the moment.

Deck The Hauls

Deck The Hauls Image

Deck the Hauls is a Ludum Dare Jam game made in 48 hours by myself and a friend. The theme was "the more you have, the worse it is" so we decided to make a game where Santa runs around a shop stealing things, the more you steal the more suspicious the guards would get. The game was not very fun but I was proud of how well it worked given most of our time was spent modelling (both of us are programmers). It is available to play here.

Lunar Lander Assignment

Lunar Lander Image

The Lunar Lander Assignment required me to create the controller.c file included in this project.
The assignment specification stated that I should update the dashboard via UDP, send controllers to the lander application via a seperate UDP connection, run the program on 4 seperate threads and protect these threads using semaphores. Also included is a PDF explaining the solution I created and documenting some simple research I completed as another part of this assignment.View the Github repo here.